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03-07-1999 IC-T81 AM/FM/Wfm function English language
05-09-1999 IC-T81 Frequency Expansion English language (78 Kbytes)
30-07-2000 ICOM IC-T81A Cellular Mod English language (1 Kbytes)
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IC-T81 AM/FM/Wfm function

Just got an Icom T81A quad bander. There is a simple mod to expand the RX capability.
To perform the mod hold the "Multi" key and the SQL keys while turning on the power. The display will light all segments.
RX is now enabled for the following frequencies:

50.000 - 75.995 Mhz
76.000 - 107.995 Mhz
108.000 - 135.995 Mhz
136.000 - 174.000 Mhz
174.000 - 229.995 Mhz
300.000 - 229.995 Mhz
400.000 - 470.000 Mhz
470.000 - 599.995 Mhz
600.000 - 800.000 Mhz
800.000 - 824.000 Mhz
849.000 - 869.000 Mhz
894.000 - 999.000 Mhz
1240.000 - 1300.000 Mhz

Note: from - Chet
Hello....on the mod to expand the receiving capabilities, (powering up while holding the multi and squelch keys), If the xcvr was previously programmed via Icom software and cable via PC, and the mod was enabled, you cannot re-program the radio via PC. The software reports an error that the version doesn't match.....the only way to access the xcvr via PC again is to do a CPU reset (power up while holding the squelch, vfo, and, mr).....

You can reprogram the radio if it was previously programmed. You just have to rerun the CS-T81 setup option that's in the start menu with the radio turned on. It will retrieve the programming info from the radio. I've done it myself several times. I use my opened T81 with my software and program my buddy's newer t81s that the receive trick does not work on just fine with this little tip.

Steve AI6Q

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